Whether you are a beginner or seasoned golfer, come to Fairfax Golf and perfect your swing. Take your game to the next level and achieve your greatest potential.

Our members can take advantage of unlimited golf balls in our climate controlled indoor range. Our staff is available for private and group lessons.

PRIVATE LESSON (30 min/session)

            1 month  ( 8 times )                $ 600 

3 months (24 times)                $1,500  ($500.00 per month)

6 months (48 times)                $2,700  ($450.00 per month)

ONE HOUR PRIVATE LESSON ( 1 hour )       

One time                                    $120

Five time                                     $500

ten times                                     $1,000     ​

BEN JACKSON’S FASTFIRST GOLF (Distance & Swing Speed Improvement)

2 Days of Private Lesson Only (2 hours per day) – One and only special lesson for improvement of ball striking, ball compression and swing speed.


*Private lesson make up expires on contract end date.


9 Holes $ 225